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SITE STUDY of Proposed or Existing Structure 500' AGL or Less

A complete evaluation of the site including:

1. The maximum height that does not require Notice to the FAA.
2. The maximum height that the FCC does not require Notice to the FAA (may vary from the FAA
answer due to incomplete airport data provided to the FCC.
3. The maximum height that will not require an extended study by the FAA.
4. The maximum height the FAA will permit at the site up to the proposed height.
5. Any potential problems created by nearby private use airports and/or heliports.
6. AM broadcast station search.
7. A determination if marking and/or lighting will be required.
8. Chart if requested.
9. FAA 7460-1 filing if requested.
10. State filing if requested.
11. A professional opinion letter for a "clean site" or a report if concerns are indicated.

Cost: $350

AREA STUDY of Proposed Structure 500' AGL or Less

Same as a site study except, normally, there is no FAA filing.

Cost: $350
Plus $50 per Sq. NM

Example: 1 NM radius = 3.14 Sq. NM x $50 = $157 plus $350 = $507.00


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Only with no study - Cost: $150


Within 1/2 NM of Original Study and At or Below Original Height.

Cost: Report $100 Letter $100 Filing $100

Assistance is provided for your site until a determination is received and the structure is built or the site is abandoned.

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