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Obstruction Evaluation Experience:

Mr. Patterson's last four years with the FAA were in the Southern Regional Office serving as an airspace/obstruction evaluation specialist writing thousands of airspace determinations for tall structures in the Southeastern US. He left the FAA in 1994 and went to work for Airspace Safety Analysis Corporation (ASAC). As the company grew from seven employees to over 50, ASAC gained the finest reputation in the industry for professional and accurate airspace studies and FAA compliance issues. The company changed owners several times and was finally acquired by Boeing in October of 2000. At the time he left ASAC, October 2001, Mr. Patterson was the senior and most experienced airspace specialist. He has conducted thousands of airspace studies for major clients all across the country. He has represented clients at planning meetings, zoning meetings, court hearings, and state public service commission hearings. Mr. Patterson is eminently qualified to provide the telecommunications, broadcasting, commercial development and construction industries with technical assistance in evaluating site selection and/or structure height in accordance with airspace restrictions.

Flight Procedure Development Experience:

In 1986 Mr. Patterson transferred to the FAA Flight Standards Division as an instrument procedures specialist at the Atlanta Flight Inspection Field Office. His responsibilities and duties included development and maintenance of all approach procedures and airways in North and South Carolina and Puerto Rico. He was nationally recognized for his efforts in reviewing and re-writing the legal descriptions of all controlled airspace in the FAA's Southern Region.

Air Traffic Control Experience:

After leaving the Navy in 1971, Mr. Patterson joined the FAA as an air traffic controller at the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport in SC. He later worked as a supervisor controller in Florence, SC, and then as Air Traffic Control Tower Manager in North Carolina.

Aviation Experience:

Mr. Patterson's aviation experience began when he joined the Navy in 1967. After earning his wings he was assigned to the training command as a flight instructor. After the Navy, he did not fly professionally again until accepting a position with the FAA as an Airspace System Inspection Pilot. His flying experience includes Airman Certificates as Private Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Air Transport Pilot, he has been rated in the Sabreliner, Aerostar, Seneca, Lance, Arrow, Cessna 152, 172, 182, and in the Military T34, T2A, T2B, and F9F Couger.


B.S. University of Cincinnati
U.S. Navy Flight Training
FAA Air Traffic Control School
FAA Supervisory and Management Schools
FAA Terminal Instrument Approach Procedures (TERPS) School
FAA Obstruction Evaluation and Airport Airspace Analysis School

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